Welcome to Shenzhen Sea Sky Logistics Co.,LTD
Ocean Freight

FCL service:  We cooperate with many high-class carrier like EMC, COSCO, APL, WHL, CNC, TSL, KMTC, ZIM, SITC, ONE,HMM etc., and the service networks are involved in all over the world.

Main lines: from China to the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Red Sea, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, US line, South America and etc.
Especially good at dealing with DDU and DDP services in Europe, The United States ,Canada, Cambodia,Philippines and The Vietnam.
LCL service: we can provide door-to-door services for various bulk cargoes and assembled boxes from CMP.
We believe that excellent customer service and rich logistics experience, knowledge and technology are the main factors for us to grow and maintain our business. We pride ourselves on our teamwork and personalized service, handling all your goods from China to the rest of the world.
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E-mail: fiona@szseasky.net
Overseas E-mail: fiona@szseasky.net
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