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Air Freight

Seasky Logistics can provide you with faster, more efficient and safe air freight import and export services.

Main advantages:
United States/Canada:CZ/ OZ /MU /CV/ SQ /AC  /CZ/  KE
 Eastern Europe / Central Asia: SU / UN / LO / HY, as an air transport expert in Eastern Europe / Central Asia, strong support from Russian agents. Provide comprehensive pre-services in delivery, customs clearance and exhibitions.
Middle East / Africa: EK / QR / EY / SV Airlines flies to the Middle East multiple times a day, relying on Dubai and other large Middle East air ports to transfer to major airports in the Middle East and Africa.
Europe: CZ / CA / MH / CV / UPS / TG
Japan Line: NH / KZ / CX Advantages are fast and effective. The goods will be received on the same day, and Hong Kong customers can clear the customs the next morning.
South America Line: CX / E6 / JW / M6 / QT / SA / BA For different products.We will formulate air transport plans carefully . Making the cargo reach the destination port safely / quickly.
We believe that excellent customer service and rich logistics experience, knowledge and technology are the main factors for us to grow and maintain our business. We pride ourselves on our teamwork and personalized service, handling all your goods from China to the rest of the world.
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